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Significance of flowers and plants

Make a good impression. Choose a flower with a meaning.

Do you want to thank someone, a heart and stabbing, 'just' give a flower create a romantic atmosphere? Then it's just as fun as you pick a flower with a meaning. That gives an extra accent.

Since a long time flowers have a meaning. On shields, castles, flags, ships and clothing, people use flowers for centuries. To show what they stand for. And the power of the "message" has not lost its significance. Even if modern tattoo you see flowers on a shoulder back. We all know the Rose as a symbol of love. But there are many more flowers you can choose in certain situations. What do you think of a Lily as a sign of happiness?

And you can choose one specimen, a bunch of flowers or a cheerful bouquet which lets you process several flowers or a flower that stands with head and shoulders above the other flowers. See the list below. And if you want advise ask your florist.

Acacia = Companionship
Akelei = Unreliability
Alstroemeria = Devotion and companionship
Amaryllis = Proud, charming beauty
Anemone = Honesty, dedication, 'I want to be with you '
Anthurium = Exotic beauty
Antirrhinum = Strength
Arum = Mournfulness, modestness, purity
Aster = Autumne pleasure, prosperous old age
Azalea = Be careful

Bambou = Durability, integrity
Begonia = Beware! Balance
Bougainville = Protection
Bouvardia = Versatility
Boxwood = Triumph, victory

Calla = Mournfulness, modestness, purity
Cane = Suppleness
Camelia = Beauty
Carnation = Inconstancy, devotion and fascination
Chrysant = Thank you
Clematis = Internal beauty
Crocus = Springtime, cheerfulness, 'Do not abuse me'

Dahlia = 'Forever yours'
Daisy = Purity, virginity
Delphinium = Protection, truth

Eucharis = Beauty and purity
Eryngium = Defence, care

Freesia = ' I want share my joy with you '

Gardenia = Secret love
Geranium = Encounter, friendship
Gerbera = 'Because of you, everything is beautiful '
Gladiolus = Trust me

Hibiscus = Rarely beauty
Hortensia = Inconstancy
Holly = Joyfulness, light
Hyacinth = Authority, peace, ' You're the only one who really knows me '

Iris = Wisdom,  'Your friendship means a lot to me'
Ivy = Devotion

Jasmine = Friendship, love of one's fellow man


Lily = Happiness, 'You're sweet'
Lotus = Purity, truth
Laurier = Glory, victory

Daisy = Reinheid, maagdelijkheid
Matrecair = Celebratory, sunny
Muget = Simplicity, monyh of May
Marigold = Jealousy
Mimosa = Sensitiveness

Narcis = Vanity, new life

Oak = Strength, invincible
Olive = Peace, reconcilement
Orchidee = Affection, beauty, wealth, 'You are beautiful'

Palm = Victory, triumph
Poppy = Self-satisfaction
Passiebloem = Zeal
Petunia = 'I appreciate your company'
Pioen = Arrogance, exuberance
Primula = Expectation

Ranonkel = Charm
Rose = Affection, happiness, joyfulness
- red Rose = 'I love you'
- dark red Rose = 'I want you'
- orange Rose = 'I'm on fire and flame!'
- pink Rose = 'You are my secret love', young love
- yellow Rose = ' I appreciate your friendship ', close friendship
- white Rose = 'Trust me' innocent love, spiritual purity
- white and red Roses = 'Together forever'
- blue Rose = Exaltation, love
- black Rose = 'it is over!'
- white Rose buttons = 'you're too young for love'

Sempervivum = Prosperity, a long life
Sering = Amorousness
Straw flower = Immortality

Tulip = Perfect love, succes, prayer
- red Tulip = ' I like to see you '
- yellow Tulip = ' Our love is impossible '
Sunflower = 'You are fantastic.', admiration, strength, joy of life
Violin = Full of confidence