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Dried Flowers

Dried flowers wholesale Bon Flowers

Dried flowers are currently very popular and are a perfect product group to sell in your retail shop. They require no maintenance and remain in the same condition for a very long time when you receive them.

What are dried flowers?

Dried flowers are, contrary to the name suggests, more than just dried flowers. It has become slang for natural dried decorations from all over the world. This varies from ornamental flowers to cereals, but this also refers to pine cones and lianas, for example. A more suitable name would therefore be dry decorations.

Dried flowers are ideal for use in dried flower creations and dried flower bouquets. Not only because most products are easy to trim or color, but also because you will enjoy them many times longer than fresh flowers. At Bon Flowers you have a wide choice of dried flowers of very good quality that you can enjoy for a long time. The range of dried flowers that Bon Flowers offers is subject to seasons in which the dried flowers are available. For example, there is a sufficient supply of summer flowers such as Delphinium in the summer, but when the stock is exhausted, flower production will only start again the following summer, after which the Delphinium can be dried under high temperature and is available again.

Dried lavender

Dried lavender is certainly a classic among dried flowers. Lavender dries very nicely, that is, it hardly loses its original shape after the drying process. It retains its bright blue color and firmness. No less important, of course, is the unmistakable scent. Once dried, Lavender will retain its fragrance for months and it is not without reason that it is a widely used ingredient for potpourri. In addition, lavender can also be used beautifully in bouquets and wreaths, giving decorations an authentic look. But also unprocessed as a bush it is a recognizable and timeless decoration.
Bon Flowers offers you a very varied assortment of dried flowers, ornamental grasses and ornamental grains with which you can make beautiful dried flower creations by ordering a few bunches of dried flowers online and having these dried flowers delivered to you in order to make your own dried flower creations with which You can also vary again over time with the same dried flowers by arranging them differently or by ordering another variety with which you can make a completely new dried flower creation. If you are a retailer, you can sell dried flowers per bunch to your customers as well as ready-made dried flower bouquets. Also on the side of the presentation in your shop, Bon Flowers helps to implement a product presentation that looks as attractive as possible.

The range is subject to availability and season; in general, the first cereals such as barley, wheat and oats become available at the beginning of June, followed by Phalaris and Setaria. Flowering varieties such as Delphinium and Helichrysum become available in July and August. Grasses and plumes such as Pampas grass, Stipa Penata often come from Latin America where the season is opposite to that of the Dutch season. As soon as the Dutch Pampas grass branches are available, Bon Flowers puts a lot of them in stock; these beautiful soft and blonde well-filled Pampas grass branches are truly a feast for the eyes. Bon Flowers has an enormous stock of dried flowers. Bon Flowers keeps stock of all dried flowers that are available until the stock is sold out. This often means that we can only buy new dried flowers again when the new production is there. If we run out of stock of a specific dried flower, we will mention this in our online shop by saying - temporarily unavailable -. As soon as the dried flower is available again and we have been able to buy it again, we will turn off the notification so that the dried flower can be ordered again.

At Bon Flowers you can also buy ready-made dried bouquets that you can easily order online and have them delivered to a good friend or of course to enjoy them yourself. Dried flowers remain good for a long time and give a natural feeling and even a pleasant scent in your home or in your shop or catering establishment.