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Warranty and Complaints


We care about our products and logically do our best to deliver them to you in top condition. Yet it sometimes happens that an order is damaged during transport or that something else happens that allows you to claim under warranty. The legal guarantee applies if you make a purchase from Bon Flowers. What you buy from us will be delivered in a condition that you can reasonably expect from it. A delivered product should not have any defects that can be expected under normal use and the usual lifespan of the product. If a delivered product shows defects, you are entitled to replacement or repair.

Complaints procedure

Bon Flowers (the entrepreneur) has a well-publicized complaints procedure and handles the complaint in accordance with this complaints procedure. photos regarding the damage and the condition of the packaging are submitted to the entrepreneur after you have received the products and have found the defects. This detailed full description including the photos can be sent by e-mail to customerservice@bonflowers.nl.

Complaints submitted to Bon Flowers will be answered within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt. If a complaint requires a foreseeable longer processing time, Bon Flowers will reply within 14 days with a confirmation of receipt and an indication when the consumer can expect a more detailed answer.

A complaint does not suspend the obligations of the entrepreneur, unless the entrepreneur indicates otherwise in writing.

If a complaint is found to be well-founded by the entrepreneur, the entrepreneur will replace or repair the products delivered free of charge at his choice.