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Dried flowers


Bon Flowers is a flower wholesaler that trades both fresh flowers and dried flowers. Bon Flowers is a relatively new player as a dried flower wholesaler, but we already have several years of experience with dried flowers on the consumer market. All dried flowers that we offer are available from our own stock and we buy from dryers in the Netherlands, but we also have a large part of our dried flowers that we import from Italy. Bon Flowers is located at the flower auction Naaldwijk and has a wide range of high-quality dried flowers in stock due to the many sourcing options. As a dried flower wholesaler, we try to offer our customers as wide a range as possible, although of course there are also types of dried flowers temporarily unavailable due to the season and the stock, which sometimes only become available again in the new season.

You can buy our dried flowers from us per bunch and we do not apply a minimum order amount for the purchase of dried flowers.