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10 Eucharis

  • 10 Eucharis
  • 10 Eucharis
  • 10 Eucharis
  • 10 Eucharis

10 Eucharis
x 15 per box

The indicated price is valid
for a bunch of 10 stems.

Temporarily not available


The Eucharis grandiflora is from origin found in Central and South America.
After the Eucharist was discovered in 1878 in the Andes Mountains, travelers
took the bulb flower to Europe. Meanwhile, there are a small number of growers
who cultivate the Eucharist as a pot plant or cut flower.

In Greek Eucharis means 'very beautiful'. The length of the stem is 70 cm, and is an
absolute eye-catcher in every composition or as a single flower. The Eucharist makes
5 to 8 flowers per stem and has a wonderful fragrance. And because the flower naturally
wants to protect its green crown against the rain, the flower hangs slightly forward.

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