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5 Celosia Cristata

  • 5 Celosia Cristata
  • 5 Celosia Cristata
  • 5 Celosia Cristata
  • 5 Celosia Cristata

5 Celosia Cristata

These beautiful Celosias you
can order in multiple colors.

Select below the color
that you wish to receive.

The indicated price is valid
for a bunch of 5 stems.


Showing off at a party with Celosia
You know the type, people who arrive at a party and immediately make every head turn. The striking, flamboyant Celosia is a flower with the same characteristic.

Fiery colours and striking shapes, this is how we know the Celosia. This striking appearance has a white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green or multi-coloured look and sometimes you will find Celosia in the shape of a plume, a comb or a tail. This versatile flower also has a lightly herbal perfume.
The Celosia is a symbol of boldness. If you want to wish someone courage, a large bunch of Celosias will be totally appropriate.

These flamboyant beauties come from the tropics, where you can bump into them anywhere. It has spread from East Africa and South- East Asia to many other tropical places.

Cut the end of the stems diagonally off.
Add the correct dose of cut flower food.
Ensure that no leaves are hanging in the water.
Celosias are thirsty, so fill your vase regularly with extra water.
Don’t place the flowers in a draught, full sun or near another source of heat.
Don’t place your flowers near a fruit bowl. Fruit naturally releases ethylene gas, which is a hormone which will age the flowers more quickly.

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