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5 Gloriosa red

  • 5 Gloriosa red
  • 5 Gloriosa red
  • 5 Gloriosa red

5 Gloriosa red


A vase full of fiery flaming balls

Just like a butterfly
You won’t believe your eyes: the Gloriosa combines a delicate, fresh green stem with decorative yellow and green dancing pistils. Above these, six wavy, flaming flower petals grow which look like butterflies when they flower. In short, a design by nature when nature was having a really good day. There are two types: short ones with clean stems and longer ones with leaves and branches. Beautiful in bouquets, but just as lovely in small vases and tea light holders, spread around your home.

The Gloriosa is a botanical misfit: a tuber which unfolds into a spectacular climber. It pulls itself up with tiny curls on the tip of the leaves just like hands on a ladder reaching for the next rung. That is why Gloriosa flowers symbolise ambition and success: they are the ideal gift for someone with a new job or who is experiencing a new beginning in a different way.

In the wild, the Gloriosa, a cousin of the lily family, winds its way upwards in India and southern Africa.
 The official name is Gloriosa Rothschildiana, named after zoologist Lionel Rothschild. The flower is also known as the flame lily with ‘superba’ as its middle name. That’s no exaggeration.

Caring for the Gloriosa
The flowers are sold in airtight bags, to protect them. Carefully cut them open along the side to remove the flowers.
Diagonally cut 1cm off the bottom of the stems and place the flowers in cold water with cut flower food, in a clean glass vase.
Don’t place the Gloriosa flowers in a warm position as this will dramatically shorten the flowering period.
If you want to keep the flowers for a day before giving them as a gift, it’s best to leave them in the packaging and placing them in a dark, cool position like the fridge.
The Gloriosa is poisonous, so wash your hands and be careful with pets and children.

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