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Bouquet 0f 10 Spray Roses Mimi Eden

  • Bouquet 0f 10 Spray Roses Mimi Eden
  • Bouquet 0f 10 Spray Roses Mimi Eden

Bouquet 0f 10 Spray Roses Mimi Eden
Mulitple flowers per stem

These Spray Roses are proposed
in a bunch of 10 stems.


Bouquet Spray Roses lavender

The Queen of Flowers
Meet the Queen of Flowers: the Rose. This title is not given to just any flower. The majestic Rose owes
the title to its worldwide popularity. Roses are always welcome and are suitable for any occasion.

Colours and shapes of Roses
The Rose is available in a range of colours; red, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. They are
also available as bi-coloured or with more than two colours. They come in a variety of shapes; from large
to small and with long or short stems, one flower per stem or multiple flowers per stem, such as these
Spray Roses. And each year a few beautiful new varieties are added to the range.

Symbolism of the Rose
The Rose is the flower which has the most symbolic meanings. You may have declared your love for
someone with Roses and red Roses are definitely the symbol of love.
Did you know that each colour of the Rose has its own meaning?
Red: love and respect
White: real love, purity, dignity
Pink: happiness, thankfulness, purity
Orange: desire, appreciation, sympathy
Yellow: intimate friendship, solidarity
Not only the colour, but also a combination of colours or other flowers have a meaning. A white and
red Rose together communicates the desire to always be together. They indicate unity and solidarity.
Roses in a bouquet symbolize thankfulness and one Rose in a bouquet stands for: ‘you are the one
I love, you are the one for me!’ Lovely, isn’t it?

The heart shaped flowers suggest feelings of love and trust. The thorns on the Rose demonstrate that
life and love are not always a bed of Roses and symbolizes the effort someone is prepared to go to for
their loved one.

Caring for the Rose
Tips to care for your flowers, so that you can enjoy them for a long time:

- Cut the stems off diagonally at the end. Use a sharp knife for this.
- Remove excess leaves so that there are none hanging in the water. Don’t remove any thorns as these
 will create wounds which are prone to bacteria.
- Give Roses a clean vase with clean water.
- Keep them at the right room temperature – maximum 20 degrees – and don’t place Roses in a draught,
 in full sun or near the fruit bowl.

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