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Wire painted green 1,2 mm

  • Wire painted green 1,2 mm
  • Wire painted green 1,2 mm

Wire painted green 1,2 mm
length 40 cm


Color: varnished green
Thickness: 1,2 mm
Length: 40 cm
Quantity: 70 pieces

to use for:
- Putting flowers or materials on wire
- Reinforcing of flowers and materials
- Bending of flowers and materials
- Lengthen of flowers and materials

Flowers wire 1,2 mm can be used among others for binding materials such as
flowers, branches and moss.

Also putting on wire of pine cones goes well with this thread. In order to place thin candles in floral foam you can use the wire by making a leg wire of 1 - 2 mm and to stick them to the candles with a waterproof tape.

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